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When it comes to finding the perfect apparel for your active lifestyle, there's no better choice than Lululemon. From stylish athleisure wear to comfortable gym apparel, Lululemon has something for everyone. But with such a wide selection of products, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. That's why we've created this in-depth review of Lululemon products and services.

In this review, we'll explore what makes Lululemon unique, how their products are made, and what customers are saying about them. Whether you're looking for the perfect yoga pants or a new pair of running shorts, you'll find all the information you need in this comprehensive review of Lululemon.

Lululemon Products

Lululemon has an extensive selection of activewear, from leggings and tanks to hoodies and jackets. Their signature fabric, Luon, is a blend of cotton, nylon, and Lycra that is designed to be lightweight and breathable. It also contains four-way stretch technology so you can move freely during workouts.

Other popular fabrics include Nulux, which is designed for running and other high-intensity activities; and Luxtreme, which is a lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric perfect for yoga or gym sessions. Lululemon also offers a wide range of accessories from socks and hats to bags and backpacks.

Customer Ratings

When it comes to customer ratings, Lululemon has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot. Customers praise the comfortable and stylish designs of their apparel and praise the quality of the fabric. However, some customers have complained about the high prices and lack of sales or discounts.

The company's customer service has also been praised for being helpful and responsive.

Positive Reviews

The majority of reviews for Lululemon are positive, with customers praising the quality of the product and the stylish designs. Many customers have reported that their items have held up well after multiple washes and that they remain comfortable even after extended periods of wear. Customers also appreciate the customer service team, with many people saying that they have been very helpful when dealing with issues or returns.

Negative Reviews

The negative reviews for Lululemon are mainly focused on the high prices. Some customers feel that the prices are too high for the quality of the product, while others feel that the company should offer more sales or discounts.

Other complaints include slow shipping times and inaccurate sizing charts.

Comparison to Other Brands

When compared to other activewear brands, Lululemon stands out for its stylish designs and comfortable fabrics. However, their prices are significantly higher than many other brands, making it difficult for some customers to justify the cost. Additionally, their selection is limited compared to other brands and they don't offer as many sales or discounts. In terms of customer service, Lululemon is generally rated highly among customers, but there have been some complaints about slow response times.


Lululemon is committed to sustainability and has implemented several initiatives to reduce their environmental impact.

They offer several products made from recycled materials, such as their ReNew line of leggings made from recycled plastic bottles. Additionally, they have partnered with several organizations to create sustainable manufacturing processes and reduce water consumption in their factories. While they are making strides towards sustainability, there is still room for improvement when compared to other activewear brands.


Overall, Lululemon reviews show that customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. The majority of reviews praise the quality of their apparel and customer service team.

However, some customers feel that the prices are too high for what they get in return. Additionally, there is room for improvement in terms of sustainability initiatives when compared to other brands.

Customer Feedback

When it comes to Customer Feedback, Lululemon reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Customers praise the clothing for its quality and comfort, with many citing the fact that it is fashionable yet still practical. Most customers also report that they find the items to be reasonably priced, with sales and discounts often available.

In terms of customer service, many customers report having a positive experience, with helpful and friendly staff providing assistance. In addition to the praise, some negative reviews have been reported as well. Complaints include items being too expensive, poor customer service, and a limited selection of styles and sizes. However, these complaints are not widespread and appear to be relatively uncommon. Overall, customers rate their experience with Lululemon highly. The retailer has a 4.7-star rating on Google and a 4-star rating on Yelp.

Many customers who leave reviews cite their satisfaction with the quality of the clothing, the price point, and the customer service.

The Most Popular Products from Lululemon

When it comes to popular activewear products, Lululemon is at the top of the list. From yoga pants and sports bras to running shorts and jackets, they have a wide selection of clothing designed for comfort and performance. But what are the most popular items?Let's take a closer look at some of the best-selling products from Lululemon. The Align leggings are one of the company's signature items, made from a lightweight, stretchy fabric that moves with you.

They come in several different styles, including cropped, high-waisted, and ankle length, and feature a wide waistband that stays in place during workouts. Customers love the flattering fit and comfortable feel. Another popular product is the Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew. This lightweight top is designed to keep you cool during intense workouts, with sweat-wicking technology and mesh panels for breathability. It's also great for layering on cooler days, with thumbholes for extra coverage.

Customers appreciate the snug fit and stylish design. Finally, the Wunder Under High-Rise Tight is a classic from Lululemon. These full-length tights are made from a light and stretchy fabric that moves with your body. They feature a wide waistband that doesn't dig in and stay in place during workouts. Customers love the compression fit and flattering style. When it comes to quality, Lululemon's products are top-notch.

All of their items are designed with performance in mind, using high-quality materials that feel great against your skin. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles so you can find something to suit your taste. But how do customers rate these popular items? Overall, reviews for Lululemon products are overwhelmingly positive. Customers love the quality, fit, and comfort of their products, and many have purchased multiple items from the company. So what is the overall consensus on Lululemon's most popular products? Customers rate them highly for their quality, fit, and performance. They are also stylish and come in a variety of colors and styles to suit everyone's needs.

With so many happy customers, it's easy to see why Lululemon is one of the most sought-after activewear brands.

Comparing Lululemon to Other Brands

When it comes to activewear, Lululemon is one of the biggest names in the industry. But how does it compare to other brands? In this section, we'll take a look at how Lululemon stacks up against its competitors in terms of quality, price, customer service, sustainability, and environmental impact.


Quality is a major factor when it comes to choosing activewear. Lululemon has been praised for its high-quality fabrics and designs, with customers noting that their garments are well-made and long-lasting.

When comparing Lululemon to other brands, customers have found that it is often on par with other top-tier brands such as Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas.


Price is also an important factor when it comes to activewear. Lululemon is generally considered to be mid-range in terms of price, with some items being quite pricey. When compared to other brands, customers have found that Lululemon is generally comparable in terms of price.

Customer Service: Customer service is also an important factor when shopping for activewear. Customers have noted that Lululemon's customer service is excellent, with helpful and knowledgeable staff who are always willing to answer questions and offer advice. In comparison to other brands, customers have found that Lululemon's customer service is on par or even better than many of its competitors.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact:

Sustainability and environmental impact are becoming increasingly important factors when choosing activewear. Many brands are making strides towards sustainability and reducing their environmental footprints.

In this area, Lululemon has made some significant progress. The company has introduced a line of sustainable fabrics and is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 2020. Overall, when comparing Lululemon to other activewear brands, customers have found that it stands up well in terms of quality, price, customer service, sustainability, and environmental impact. With its commitment to quality, affordability, and sustainability, Lululemon is a great choice for those looking for high-quality activewear. Overall, it's clear that Lululemon has earned its reputation as one of the best activewear brands on the market.

Customers love the company's stylish, comfortable, and popular apparel, and they are generally satisfied with their experience. The Most Popular Products from Lululemon, Customer Feedback, and Comparing Lululemon to Other Brands all demonstrate that customers are more than pleased with their purchases. While there are some drawbacks to consider – such as price and sustainability – most customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their Lululemon experience. This article has provided an in-depth look at Lululemon reviews so readers can make an informed decision before making their purchase.

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